Web Art Classes

Yesterday we started two days of filming some elearning classes that will go live in about 3-4 months at learnartonline.com. This site will go live at that time. My classes will be demented gold leaf, surfaces, image transfers and one about gesso.

What did I learn? (A) I am definitely a morning person and get messier as the day goes on (B) Lighting can really make you look bad (C) I am not ready for prime time TV (D) It was a great time!

One of the ceramic pieces in my collection of the work of Max Lehman is about to go on the road to a show on the East Coast. This piece, Highway to Hell, travels more than I do.


Anonymous said…
Darlene: you asked if the altered art group was the one for you but it is hard to answer as I am not an administrator but a member. There are always updates in the data base and a weekly art challenge in addition to techniques and members updating their own books. I can honestly say of the 30 or so groups I have participated in previously, this is one of the few that encourages participation and development! Hope you will jump in and play with us! Gina

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