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Easy Breezy Update with Creative Paperclay®

Found this funky frame and painting at a junk/antique store and could see the potential in it. You can find these frames everywhere and don't worry if they are not perfect because we can fix that with cast objects. There are basically three easy steps to change the look of the frame. As a mixed media artist, the hunt for these treasures it part of the joy when I do a piece of art. The magic of art is the other part. SUPPLIES Creative Paperclay® Black spray paint (Krylon) Fondant molds E6000 glue I have a large collection of fondant molds as well as silicone molds that I have created. Depending on the piece of art or the time I have, I may leave the paper clay in the mold until it has dried. If a piece has delicate edges this is a great way for it to dry. It also prevents warping. I keep a square of linoleum in my studio that I put my "wet" cast objects to dry. They tend not warp when I put them on the linoleum. Next, I glued the cast pieces

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