Breathing Room

House guests gone. Time to paint, start blogging again and think in color. I am an art supply junkie and so am trying to use up canvases and panels that I already have before I load up again. Definitely I was a packrat in a past life.

I promise to post a few new pieces this week as soon as I get a chance to photograph them.

For the fun of it, I posted my living room on HGTV's rate my space. My design hero is Tony Duquette - kind of a mixed media interior designer who is now dead. So people either love the look or want you to pare down and live in a model home. Interesting experiment. As a world traveler, I want to always feel like I am on the road.


Sheila said…
Where have I been? I hadn't heard of Tony Duquette. Love your blog. Sheila in Key West

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