Snow Days

This is another piece, Surprise, that started with a gold leaf base and then had every technique known to woman thrown at it. Alcohol, toothbrush with paint, Crazy Easy monoprint, collage, stamping and image transfer. After I finish the next 11" x 14" I have started, I think I will move on to large scale. Better for me if I start small while I perfect the technique that jump in over my head.

Snow day today. It is suppose to be the storm of the century today although we usually get those when they predict small snowfall. It seems like weathermen never lose their jobs if they guess wrong. I think that might be might next career.


*jean* said…
gorgeous! i just bought your image transfer book and can't wait to try things out! i, too, find that i'm more comfortable trying news things on a small scale...uses less resources also!

LOVE you work, love your book. So rich!!

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