The Book is Shipping!!!

Surface Treatment Workshop is no longer a pre-order item on Amazon but actually in people's hands and we are getting emails about it already. Sandra and I are both thrilled about the finished product. It is really is a great for your art arsenal.

It was such a pleasure to do all those projects and really push ourselves when we did the variations.

You probably noticed that are web site is new and combines both books. We were going to do two different web sites but decided it would drive us nuts. There will be updates in the gallery sections in the next several months.


Catherine said…
I picked up your lovely book today - the techniques are crazy cool.

Was wondering if you could tell me how you created the art on page 110 -- Afternoon Break. Is that an image transfer or images cut from magazines and collaged onto the prepared background or original paintings? It's really beautiful and I love the look of it!

Thanks for sharing your creativity!
Josée said…
I Love your book! So inspiring!
Thank you so much!
S. said…
Congratulations, Darlene and Sandra, on another great book! -Sara Cameron

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