I Love Sushi

Actually, I love all raw food. Sushi. Steak Tartare. Yumm.

Anyhow, my love of sushi was the inspiration for Sushi Chick. It is a ToGoPortfolio box — an art box that you paint an original piece of art on then insert a CD and print portfolio into and ship or carry to a gallery or the media. It allows them to see the quality of your work and makes a great first impression.

These boxes come with a carry box or a shipping box. Talk about making it easy for the artists. However, it is just as much work to do a small piece of art as it is to do a large piece unless you already work small. Hmmm. Maybe I should do a big version of Sushi Girl.


Unknown said…
Yes, you should! Love her and love your work. Is she done in oils/acrylics/collage? Raw fish! Who knew?

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