Springtime for Gaia

I had some old canvases that I decided to paint over last month. The flowers were blooming, the birds were building their nests and all seemed right with the world around me so I decided to do a painting about Gaia and her spring attire. It was not that long after the royal wedding so, of course, I had to create a crazy hat for her. The folds of the blue dress are also the ocean's waves and if you look hard the map of the world shows through them.


bockel24 said…
What a fantastic piece, love it!
rebecca said…
i am one of the countless many that come to your blog over and over to bask in your beauty and inspiration. sadly we too often come and go way too quietly.

i want to change this.

i cannot find an email address to contact you with. would you be so kind to email me??

you can find my email address at my blog...to write it here is to invite the world of spam!

thanks so much,

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