The layout of this piece is based on a very old piece of my art. I wanted to revisit this piece as the artist I am now and with all that I have learned since then. The older piece on the top left was called For the Pleasure of His Eyes and the one on the top right is the new one in progress, I Am the Moth to Your Flame, with the finished piece on the bottom.

Aren't we all moths? Can we avoid the possible destruction of giving into temptation of any kind or do we boldly, with laughter, go headfirst into the hot flames and get scorched. Perhaps we just look at it from afar, contemplate the different scenarios and enjoy just being a voyeur. Either way it is a great story to paint.


Rebeca Trevino said…
Nicely done!
truth be told, if i had seen the first one, by it's self i would have liked it very much.

when you pair up the two next to each other, the second piece has a more mastered, finished look.

we have all learned some things, along the way, haven't we?!

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