Faux Slab Ceramics

Here I was sitting around and I spied an old panel that I had planned to paint over and decided to cover it with Creative Paperclay®. I was very close to getting a degree in ceramics but hated the hurry up and wait aspect of it. With paperclay it is so much easier. I just laid the clay over the panel and started making marks on it. How easy is that?
Supplies List

Creative Paperclay®
Burnt Umber acrylic paint for stain

I slightly dampened the clay then added more clay and textures. I let all this dry then applied an overall coat of matte clear polymer medium so I would have more control over my stain later.

BTW - This piece is named Behind the Veil and is a 12" x 12" mixed media piece on panel.
This piece was finished with a burnt umber stain then the eyes were added in the two window like areas. An acrylic pour was added over the eyes. To me it looks like a clay slab piece I could do with traditional clay but so much easier and faster this way. I think this has the potential for a series.


Unknown said…
I'm so down with this. I was trying to find a use for this product in a more fine arts way. Definitely has potential beyond making Christmas decorations and decorations. Nothing wrong with that but this stuff is an untapped medium.

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