Samples for the Big Picture

Before I go blindly into creating a big painting, I will do sample tests to see if what I am thinking about will actually look good. It saves a lot of time and may take you off in another direction. I keep the samples around because they may work perfectly in a project down the road or as a collage element in another painting.

Creaive PaperClay®
Matte Medium
Raw Umber

On a lightly dampened masonite panel, I laid out coils of paperclay in lines and brayered them down flat.
I then laid coils in the opposite direction and brayered them flat creating a cross hatched pattern. You could leave the coils as lines or make circular shapes. The beauty is that you are the master of your universe.

I then added some (patterned) lines to the background for interest plus I wanted these to show up when I stained the piece later.

When it was dry I then coated it with white gesso.

After the gesso had dried it was coated with a layer of matte medium. This gives me more control with the staining.

When the medium has dried, I applied raw umber acrylic paint and immediate wiped off so it was only left in the recesses.

My next step will be to add resin into the holes as a test but that is for another day.

There is so much joy in experimenting — Darlene Olivia McElroy


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