Wedding Cake/Party Cake

Make a permanent cake for a friend's birthday or wedding. This would be great for table decorations also. I have painted my white with clear glitter but it could be painted in wild colors or your friend's favorite color.

Creative Paperclay®
acrylic paint
paint brushes
dimensional paint
molding paste
fondant mold
I stuck two rounds of styrofoam together with toothpicks. You can also use white glue or styrofoam glue. Since I am going to cover the whole shape with Creative Paperclay® this was enough strength for this project.

Next, I covered the form with Creative Paperclay® and stamped into it.

I applied molding paste into the recesses of my fondant mold and waited 24 hours for it to dry. I used the molding paste because it is flexible and I could glue around the curve of the cake shape.

I made and applied roses and cast leaves while I was waiting for the next batch of cast molding paste to dry. I dipped my finger in water and smoothed out the rose petals and let the piece dry.

I added finishing touches to the clay and sanded any rough edges with Sandits then painted and added glitter and a tea light.

The last step was to paint my piece white, add some glitter and a tea light. This would be great presented on a plate with a doily.

Have fun and dream in color — Darlene Olivia McElroy


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