Make a Sculpture & Stand

I visit galleries on a regular basis and love the simple black stands that many small sculptures are mounted on. This is my attempt to replicate the look in a simple and inexpensive way.

skewer or dowel
acrylic paint
aluminum foil
Creative Paperclay®

Cut square out of styrofoam. Apply Creative Paperclay to the top and sides. Depending on how heavy your sculpture will be, it might be necessary to make a hole in the bottom and add a weight.

To get a nice smooth surface, lay plastic wrap over the clay and brayer flat. Smooth corner with water if necessary. Let dry. Sand with sandpaper or Sandits if necessary.
 Apply wood skewer or dowel to the styrofoam and glue in place. Paint surface black to replicate the black metal stands you see in galleries.
I love birds so that became my sculpture concept.

Make a shape with aluminum foil and blocked in the head with the clay. Next, I painted it black and added some detail. It was then glued to the top of the skewer.

Make your own sculpture and stand.

Dream in color.

Darlene Olivia McElroy


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