Image Transfers on Creative Paperclay®

I love adding Creative Paperclay® and dimensional objects to my paintings to give them texture and depth. Creative Paperclay® was used three different ways. - stamped, embossed and image transfer applied circles.

Creative Paperclay®
Chartpak Admarker colorless blender
Toner images of roses
Bottle caps in different sizes

I used different size bottle caps to make the circle shapes on the Creative Paperclay® rolled onto my art panel. Once the shape was made, I trimmed off the excess Creative Paperclay®. I then let it dry before sanding.

Showing before and after the circles were made.

I taped an edge of the toner image of a rose and transfered it to the clay disk with the Chartpak Admarker colorless blender. I work in small areas with the blender, burnish it down and repeat until I have covered the complete disk. You can add color glazes and colored pencil after this is done.

Detail of finished roses. Of course, the art was sealed with an isolation coat of polymer medium before finishing it off with a MSA satin spray by Golden. Now it's off to my dealer in California.

Dream in Color and Take Time to Play

— Darlene Olivia McElroy


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