Playing with Texture

I like being prepared and one way I do it is to create 4" x 4" masonite boards with different textures. I do these when I have a break in time and I am not working on a specific project. These are texture ideas for future pieces of art.

masonite boards
Delight (or Paperclay)
found objects
texture rollers

I used a textured roller to achieve this alligator skin look. When the Delight was hardened, I applied a metallic bronze paint to the surface. When that had dried, I rubbed a green metallic rub. I felt in love with this sample.

When through my kitchen drawers and found this silicone hot pad that I thought would make a great texture.
I started by stamping the Delight with a stain of light brown then did a wash of silver when the brown had dried.

A scrap of lace also made a great texture on the Delight. This had a wash of red oxide paint on it.

I used a volcanic rock from my yard to get this real natural moonscape type texture on the Delight. When it hardened I painted it grey then did a wash of bronze. I dripped alcohol on it while it was wet.

Years ago I picked up some laser cut plexiglas that I use with spray paint and decided to try it with the Delight. I applied red oxide paint then did a blue metallic rub when it had dried.

Reticulated metal also makes a great for Delight or Paperclay. Multiple washes were applied.

So get out your textures and have fun.

Dream in Color and have fun!

Darlene Olivia McElroy


J A Walsh said…
Cool experiments giving fun textures.

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