Good Fortune to You

I wanted to make fortune cookie place holders for a New Years dinner party but this would work all year round.  I had fun making the faux cookies and writing the fortunes. For the fortunes I just typed them out on my computer then printed and cut them.

Creative Paperclay®
Texture Plate
Wax Paper
Acrylic paint
I started by rolling out a ball of the clay between two sheets of wax paper using my hands first to squish it down then the brayer.

Next I laid a texture plate over it and brayered it to add texturev

I cut the circle shape with the lid from one of my art products. Using wet fingers, I smoothed out the edges.

I folded it over then grabbed two ends to fold in to make the cookie shape. When it dried, I painted it and added the fortune. It was fun and the dinner guests loved it.

Dream in Color


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