Reclaiming, Reworking to Make a New Story

Oh, my. I have so many art remnants from teaching, writing art books and experimenting. Periodically I go through them to either experiment more or to give them a new life. Man Oh Man, It's raining men, started as a piece from one of my books, Alternative Art Surfaces.


Piece of old art
Creative Paperclay®
Cast objects
Acrylic paint

I applied a wash of gesso over the surface to back down the image. This helped me to reclaim it and give start a new narrative. My work is all about the story.

After braying a sheet of Creative Paperclay® onto my surface, I stamped, stenciled and added cast objects. The flower was a dry cast Creative Paperclay® object while the others were damp when applied to the surface. I smooth out areas with a little water on my fingers. I wanted the escutcheon to be partially buried in the clay to give the feeling of age.

  Once it has dried, I coated it with a layer of polymer medium matte to seal the clay before painting. I finished it by lightly applying foil to the piece.

Reclaim an old piece of art that you have lying around your art space and enjoy the process of starting again.

Dream in Color!


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