Adding Dimension to an Old Piece

This piece started out as a demo in one of my books. I found it while cleaning out my studio and thought it could use a little dimension so I created Creative Paperclay® trees. Often when looking at an old piece you can see other possibilities. Apologies. The starter picture did not turn out.


Creative Paperclay®
Sculpting tools
Exacto knife
Acrylic paint

I started by dampening the surface for added adhesion when I applied the clay.

Once the clay was laid down, I brayered it flat and trimmed off the areas that I didn't want with an exacto knife. Using my clay sculpting tools, I scribed lines into the clay then smoothed it slightly with water on my finger tips. When dry I added acrylic paint.

Dimensional embellishments add to the visual interest of your art.

Dream in Color!


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