Make a Beachy Necklace

Look at my beat up molds. They are very well used. When I have a little time but not enough time to dig into a painting, I cast objects. I have drawers full of them that are ready when needed. Some are created with plain Creative Paperclay® and others are tinted or painted.

I decided to make a beach necklace piece of art today.

Creative Paperclay®
Panel or canvas
Acrylic paint
Molds & cast objects
Aquarium sand (hard to get beach sand in Santa Fe)

 I started by applying surface texture to my panel then gluing down cast and found objects to my surface. I gave it a wash of tan over the white. I actually liked it at this point but I wanted a more colorful beach look.

I applied paint to part of the base and started adding elements for placement. At this point, I sit back and look at it for several days to see if I need to change color, soften the look or if it needs more details.


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