Mica & Creative Paperclay® Shrine

I am researching info for an article and class on shrines. That inspired me to create one with Creative Paperclay®. I always roll out my clay between layers of wax paper and also let them dry on it. It won't warp this way. I texturized it with a homemade stamp.

Creative Paperclay®
Cast objects
Mica Flakes
Acrylic Paints
Metal Leaf and Adhesive size

 I sprinkled the mica flakes on to the clay and rolled it in. The edges are left rough.

Next I stamped into the clay and added a cast Buddha. When dry, I sealed it with polymer medium.

A metallic gold wash was added. When dry a burnt umber stain was applied and the alphabet letters were added. The white liquid over the Buddha is adhesive size for the metal leaf. It goes on white. When it turns clear it is ready to use.

I applied the metal leaf and decided I wanted more on the top and bottom for balance. On the Buddha I added a burnt umber stain then I added a floater on the back so it can be hung on a wall with a bit of a shadow.

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