Surface Magic

I am all about texture and surface techniques so here is a few you may not have tried on your Creative Paperclay® projects.

Creative Paperclay®
Oil Pastels
Mica Powder
Acrylic Paint

This first one is oil pastels applied to a sealed textured Creative Paperclay® surface. If you use the water soluable oil paints, you can then blend them with water.

You can either apply a thin coat of polymer medium or water to your sealed textured Creative Paperclay® surface then with your finger or a dry brush, apply mica powder. This picks up the highlights well.

The peeled paint look is created by applying a few dabs of vaseline on your surface.

Then paint over it with acrylic paint. The paint will bead up on the vaseline. When the paint dries wipe it off with a dry paper towel. Then wipe again with a soapy paper towel. Reapply dabs of vaseline but in different areas that the first application.

Apply a second color and repeat the steps when dry.

The result is a peeled paint look. I love the adventure of creativity.

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