Gift to Re-gift

This box was a gift from a friend who know just what I love. So decided to give it a new life.

Creative Paperclay®
Micaceous Iron Oxide acrylic paint

I applied Creative Paperclay® to the top and brayered it flat. Next was to apply a stamp to it but I wanted an aged look so I only pressed down in certain areas. Then it was left to dry.

Next it was painted with gold gesso and left to dry.

I added a wash of Micaceous Iron Oxide and sprinkled salt on it while it was wet. The salt was left on while the wash dried. This gives it an aged look.

An adhesive size for gold leaf was applied to the surface. It goes on white. When it turns clear, you can apply foil or metal leaf.

A holographic foil was applied in places to the tacky adhesive size. Now it is a wonderful little box that just might get re-gifted to a friend. I wonder if the friend who gave it to me would even recognize it?

Dream in Color


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