Let's cut Creative Paperclay® slurry!

Want to cut Creative Paperclay® slurry with scissors? Sounds weird but always great to know all kinds of little tricks to expand that ever growing art arsenal.


Creative Paperclay® slurry
Wax paper
Soft gel or Modge Podge

Start by thoroughly mixing Creative Paperclay® slurry and soft gel together. I add approximately 40%-50% soft gel to the clay slurry.

My work table is cover with a plastic tarp. I spread the mixture on the plastic and cover with wax paper before rolling it out with a rolling pin. Because no air is getting to it because of the wax paper and plastic it will take 1-2 days to dry depending on humidity and thickness. I live in the desert so things dry faster than other places.

 When it has dried, it can be peeled off the plastic and cut with scissors. Great way to cut shapes for mobiles, gift tags, collage elements for art, etc. A small idea with endless possibilities.

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