Fresh from the Photographer

Just got my art back from the photographer that is going to Scottsdale for the show. The true job of an artist is not painting, it seems like it is slepping art here and there. In addition to taking my work to Scottsdale, I am taking Bob Cardinale's work along with several pieces of Max Lehman.

The above piece, Girlie Girl, is the brightest piece that I have done in ages. I decided I need to mentally paint myself out of the nation's mental and economic depression. So I have changed my palette and am currently working on a circus theme (think more cirque de soleil). I plan to amuse myself.

Starting in February I am starting a once a month wine and collage group at my studio plus a series of workshops. Always fun. 


Davinia said…
Hi Darlene, that was a lovely surprise to see your comment on my blog, thanks for visiting "down under". I love your new bright painting (I love all your work) is it on your main page as I would love to see a larger image. My slide show is of many of the ATC's I've done over the past couple of years, I'm a newbie to all of this (started out as a scrapbooker) so it's a whole new and exciting world opening up to me, as is the blog world. I'm very computer iliterate but slowly getting the hang of it. Enjoy your day.
kimberly said…
Hey Darlene
Beautiful transfer, can't wait to see more! Good luck with your upcoming show. Yes, as artist, we create, ship, pack, write, blog, email, photograph, travel, edit... Please post a comment on my blog when you have time.
I am interested in the collage group in Feb. Sounds good. Let me know.

Vicki Basta
Hi Darlene,

thanks for setting me up. I saw you are starting a collage group in Feb. Let me know- it sounds good.

Vicki B

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