Great Way to Start the Day

Every morning as I fix my coffee I get to see this view from my window. One of my friends named it the Moroccan Love Shack. Hmmm? It is a great place for naps, reading, working on my laptop, after dinner dessert/coffee/drink or just telling secrets to my friends. It is also an inspiration for the day and making beautiful art.

Note the gorgeous New Mexico sky and the trail of water on the bottom right left from a swim in the pond by one of my two Newfoundlands.

Paradise for sure.


Hastypearl said…
WHY don't we treat ourselves to quiet moments, MORE???
They can be as close as our backyard...we don't even HAVE to go to Morocco!
Great reminder to rest...
Kelley said…
Darlene, how did you come by two ambassadors from my fair province? Don't those dogs have the sweetest temperament? I had a mix, and I still miss her quiet companionship.

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